Monday, June 5, 2023

National Latino Redistricting Roundup

We at News Taco have been doing our best to keep you informed of redistricting battles affecting Latino population areas (really redistricting affects all Latinos everywhere, but that’s a pretty tall order…) So we thought today would be a good day to do a little roundup of these redistricting battles across the country. Pennsylvania: Philadelphia’s Latino […]

President Obama to discuss Immigration Reform at White House Meeting

President Barack Obama will hold a meeting Tuesday afternoon at the White House with a group of leaders including the mayors of New York and San Antonio to discuss immigration reform. Among the invitees are former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.  The bevy of current […]

Maryland pushes for Its Own Dream Act

The state Senate in Maryland is set to vote on a version of the Dream Act today that would give undocumented students the opportunity to attend a four-year university in the state and qualify for in-state tuition if they graduate from a Maryland high school. The bill, SB 167, sponsored by Sen. Victor Ramirez, the […]

Federal Lawsuit Filed by Estate of Slain Immigrant in New York

A federal lawsuit filed on Monday in New York by the estate of an Ecuadorean immigrant murdered in 2008, alleges that the civil rights of the victim were violated by Suffolk County, its Police Department and other agencies by their failure to provide equal protection to Hispanics as whites. Marcelo Lucero was stabbed to death […]

NY Governor-Elect Visits Puerto Rico

New York’s Governor-Elect, Andrew Cuomo, chose Puerto Rico as the site of his first official public appearance since winning office last week.  Cuomo thanked Hispanic leaders for their support which helped propel him to victory over Republican Carl Paladino. The new governor reportedly garnered 80% of the Latino vote. “Thank you for making it possible,” […]

New York Area Experiencing Violence Against Latinos

Concerns over violence continue to plague the Latino immigrant community in New York City’s boroughs but some question whether the motive is racial or economic – or both. On Staten Island, police have increased their presence following a rash of attacks against the Mexican immigrant population in the area.  Since spring, residents have reported incidences […]

Teens Videotape the Beating of Latino Immigrant

In New York, a videotape of a gang of three teens beating a 47-year-old father, cook assistant and immigrant Abelino Manzaniego has led to the arrest of Khayri Williams Clark,18, Nigel Dumas, 19, and a 17-year –old who remains unidentified. On July 17th, Manzaniego was sitting on a bench across the street from his job […]

Long Island Man Convicted in Hate Crime against Latino Immigrant

As previously reported in La Plaza, Long Island native Jeffery Conroy was on trial for the death of Marcelo Lucero, a 37-year-old native of Ecuador who was fatally stabbed in Patchogue, New York in 2008. On Monday, Conroy was found guilty of gang assault and conspiracy as well as of assaulting three other Latino men […]

New York Teenager Testifies About Attacking Latinos for Sport

Nicholas Hausch, 18, of New York testified on Monday in New York State Supreme Court about attacking Latinos for sport which he called “beaner hopping”. On a Friday night in November 2008, Hausch said that he and two friends drove to Patchogue, New York and used a pistol-style BB gun to shoot at a Hispanic […]