Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Immigration Reform Is Most Important Issue Facing Latino Community

Latino Voter Immigration
A new poll released today suggests that 53% of Latino voters feel that immigration reform is the most important issue facing the Latino community and that Congress and President Obama should address it.

The poll, sponsored by America’s Voice and implemented by Latino Decisions, wanted to survey the response from Latino voters and see how a political party’s positioning on immigration reform would affect their decision in 2016.

The data pulled from Latino voters includes their conditions on citizenship, the effect on vote intention if a certain party leads on passing immigration reform, and their approval/disapproval with how Democrats and Republicans are currently handling immigration policy.

“There’s a huge potential to move and sway the Latino vote based on this issue,” says Matt Barreto, Pollster for Latino Decisions. “If this sort of ratio holds, this will be bad news for the Republican Party.”

The poll went further to see Latino voters’ familiarity with 2016 prospective candidates, and found that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a clear favorite and had strong support, if she decided to run for President.

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