Monday, October 19, 2020

Comentarios from Maria: Democrats Come to the Aid of Latino Community

Last week, in what can only be classified as a big victory for our community, congressional Democrats were able to kill a bill that would have cut federal funds to cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws, even the most draconian among them. Known as “sanctuary cities,” these cities, with the purpose of […]

Comentarios from Maria: Trump May Be the Worst, but Beware of the Other Republican Candidates

Last week, Donald Trump committed what can be considered one of the most monumental errors of his short campaign for president of the United States, attacking Jorge Ramos, one of the most influential Latino reporters in the U.S. with programs on Univision and Fusion. Ramos was in a press conference with Trump and had the […]

Comentarios from Maria: The GOP Debate – a Circus with a Clown, Donald Trump

The first debate for the Republican presidential candidates aspiring to earn their Party’s nomination was a circus, with the clown, Donald Trump, as the main attraction. The debate showed us what we already knew: that Trump is rude, inappropriate, misogynous, anti-immigrant, a liar and the best gift to the Democratic Party in this election. We […]

GOP Debate Recap: Immigration Takes Center Stage

If there was something universally agreed upon during last night’s Republican primary debate on Fox News, it was this: our country is in bad shape, Hillary Clinton is a rogue puppet of liberal special interests, and Donald Trump actually believes everything Donald Trump is saying. The primetime contest showcased the top 10 polling Republican presidential […]

Comentarios From Maria: Why voters won’t fall for Rubio

Marco Rubio has officially waded into the waters of the 2016 Republican nomination for the presidency. The senator has the gift of oratory and a compelling family story that he tells so well. He seems to embody the quintessential American Dream and it is clear he hopes his story will speak to many Americans, who […]

GOP’s Misguided Understanding of Latino Voters

Jeb Bush believes that in order to win over Latinos in the coming 2016 election Republicans should embrace higher levels of immigration and in turn, Latinos will move over to the GOP camp. In exchange for supporting higher levels of immigration, Bush and other Republicans in the 2016 GOP presidential field reason that Latinos will […]

Bush and Rubio to vie for Florida, Latino votes

Spanish-speaking, Floridian, Republican, presidential ambitions: an account of the major common denominators between former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his onetime-understudy, Sen. Marco Rubio. Upon Rubio’s announcement yesterday of his official run for the White House (and Bush’s still-anticipated announcement), the son of Cuban immigrants will square off with the husband of a Mexican-American in […]

Comentarios From Maria: Senator Rubio Throws His Convictions Out the Window

The Republican Party and their most extreme membership must think that we don’t have brains, or that we simply do not know enough about American politics to demand that Republicans be held accountable for their past promises. This includes Republican Senator Marco Rubio, whose thinking changes as he inches closer to a potential 2016 presidential […]

Senator Marco Rubio’s Shift on Immigration Reform Alienates Advocates

It was just over a year ago that Senator Marco Rubio was a part of the exclusive “Gang of Eight” bi-partisan group of Senators that authored a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate. Since then, there has been a dramatic shift in the senator’s rhetoric regarding immigration reform, and he is now one of […]

DREAMers Urge Senator Marco Rubio to End Fight Against DACA

Dozens of DREAMers and advocates gathered around Senator Marco Rubio’s Mami district office on Tuesday, in order to urge the Republican senator to end his relentless attacks on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Although DACA has provided vital protections against deportations and work permits for eligible undocumented children, Senator Rubio has asked […]