Friday, September 25, 2020

Newt Gingrich Targets Hispanic Voters

In efforts to court the Hispanic vote, Republican candidate Newt Gingrich granted Univision’s news Anchor, Jorge Ramos one of his first post-announcement interviews last Sunday on Al Punto. In the interview Gingrich acknowledges the importance of winning the Latino vote and expresses support for an amended version of the DREAM Act. He discusses his long […]

Obama to discuss Latino Education at Town Hall Meeting

President Barack Obama visited a multicultural high school in Washington, D.C. today to discuss Latino education at a town hall-style meeting to be broadcast by Univision, the largest U.S. Spanish language television network, later in the evening. The town hall, was held at Bell Multicultural High School, and attended by some 600 students, teachers, and […]

Comcast Looks to Capture Hispanic Audience with Launch of Major Spanish Website

Comcast announced on Monday that it has launched Xfinity TV, a Spanish-language website that will offer free access to hundreds of Spanish-language movies and shows to its digital customers. The move is part of the company’s efforts to increase television, on demand and online programming available to the largest and fastest growing minority group in […]

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Message to Latinos

In an interview with Univision’s “Al Punto” that aired Sunday, First Lady Michelle Obama told interviewer Jorge Ramos that comprehensive immigration reform has been “at the top” of her husband’s agenda, but, she pressed the Latino community for help to continue to move legislation such as the DREAM Act.  “There wasn’t one single Republican that […]

Univision Says It Will Not Run Ads Telling Latinos to Not Vote

Earlier today, La Plaza ran a story about a Spanish-language TV spot sponsored by a conservative group that was encouraging Latinos to not vote this year. Univision network just issued a statement that they will not be running these ads and clarifying that Robert De Posada, president of Latinos for Reform, is not affiliated with […]

Whitman Confronted with Immigration Controversy during History-making Debate

On Saturday, Univision broadcasted the first California gubernatorial debate to ever be held in Spanish, as Republican Meg Whitman tried to fence off attacks over her hiring, and subsequent firing, of an undocumented housekeeper. The second gubernatorial debate between Whitman and her Democratic opponent, Jerry Brown, took place in Fresno State’s Satellite Student Union and […]

Univision Surpasses Rivals

For the first time ever, Univision says it has beat its English-language broadcasting rivals in the 18 to 49-year-old audience demographic. About 2.1 million viewers in this age bracket tuned into Univision during its prime-time programming for the week ending Sept. 5, according to Nielsen Co.  Competitors Fox, NBC and CBS each saw a dip […]

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says Republicans Have “Perfect Formula” to lose Hispanic Vote

In a blog Tuesday Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, a leading voice in the Hispanic community, said Republicans have concocted the “perfect formula” for losing the Hispanic vote for generations to come.  Ramos also warns Hispanics will not forget those lawmakers who have attacked them. “If Republicans want to lose election after election, for generations to […]

Survey of US Hispanics Measures Outlooks and Hopes

  The economic downturn has taken a toll on the hopes and expectations of Hispanics in the US with more of them worrying about losing jobs and paying bills than other Hispanics.  Those were the findings of a recent Associated Press-Univision poll.  Forty-five percent of those who answered the survey have experienced job loss or […]

Obama Appears on Univision's "Premio Lo Nuestro"

On Thursday evening, President Obama continued his media blitz appearing on Univision’s longest-running and most popular music awards show “Premio Lo Nuestro”. It was an effort to reach out to the Hispanic community urging them to let their voices be heard in this tough economic time. Obama said, “Buenas noches. I want to thank the […]