Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Comentarios from Maria: Climate Change, the Challenge that Implicates Us All

Last week I had the enormous privilege of joining the environmental group, Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF), and Voces Verdes to express our grave concern for the alarming changes in climate that put the health of our children at risk. Each year some 6,600 children die prematurely and an additional 150,000 suffer from asthma attacks […]

Comentarios from Maria: Charleston and the Symbols of Violence and Hate

It is with much sorrow that I write this week, after the horrific massacre in South Carolina that claimed the lives of nine members of the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal church. Although the attacks that occurred in Charleston some days ago have become too common in our country, the frequency of these tragedies does not […]

When it comes to Jeb Bush, looks can be deceiving

Last Monday, Jeb Bush, ex-Governor of Florida and son and brother of two past President Bush’s, confirmed that he is seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Jeb Bush and a few in the Republican establishment understand that the Latino vote is paramount for victory in 2016, and his announcement was a clear reflection […]

Comentarios from Maria: Hillary Clinton will fight for the Right to Vote for all

Last week I spoke of the fundamental importance of having fair and competitive elections in our democracy, and in a recent speech in Texas, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, spoke of another privilege of a free democracy: the right to vote. This right is the very essence of our […]

Comentarios from Maria: Competitive Primaries Make for Stronger Candidates

As the field of presidential hopefuls grows day-by-day, it emphasizes and reminds us that one of the greatest riches of a true democracy is that it allows for free and competitive elections. What is interesting about this election cycle is that we are witnessing two very distinct manifestations of this democratic principle within each party. […]

Comentarios from Maria: Our Community Will Not Forget

Last week, one of the most conservative federal appeals courts in the country decided to uphold the suspension of President Obama’s executive orders on immigration that would have brought relief to millions of undocumented immigrants, through the expansion of DACA and the introduction of the DAPA programs. As you might recall, in February a group […]

Comentarios from Maria: Republican obstructionism will not squander our dreams

May 19 could have been a transformative day for millions of undocumented immigrants who qualified for the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program, and the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. But unfortunately, last Tuesday was a dark day for many in our community, thanks […]

Comentarios from Maria: For Latino voters, a candidate’s last name is irrelevant, what matters is their substance

One of the few certainties that has emerged during this election cycle is that any Republican candidate who hopes to reach the White House has to win at least 40 percent of the Hispanic vote. With approximately 25 million eligible voters, the sheer magnitude and influence of Latino voters is a demographic reality that nobody […]

Comentarios from Maria: The debate over marriage equality

Last week, the Supreme Court took a historic step by considering one of the most controversial and enduring civil rights struggles of our time: if marriage equality is a right protected by our Constitution. Although we are still months from a final decision, I am certain that the justices of the Court will not lose […]

Comentarios from Maria: Hillary Clinton, a leader to defend and unite our country

The wait is over. Hillary Clinton has officially entered the race for the presidency of the United States because she recognizes that Americans need a champion who is ready to fight for the progress and future of our country. The video that launched the campaign of the ex-Secretary of State shows us that she truly […]