Saturday, April 20, 2024

Divisions on Wall Street, Foreign Policy Animate Democratic Debate

The differences between former Secretary Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential contest were laid bare at last night’s debate in Durham, NH with Sanders giving a forceful argument on economic issues and wall street while Hillary Clinton towered over her competition as the debate moved on to foreign affairs. In response […]

Trumpeting Progress, Obama Urges Return to Civility

Emboldened by the successes of the past seven years, the President took a somewhat nontraditional victory lap in last night’s State of the Union address, the last of his term. Obama employed less of the soaring rhetoric that he is known for and delivered his report card on his administration as well as his vision […]

Comentarios from Maria: The Deal with Iran is Part of a Larger Plan

One of the goals of the Obama Administration, when it comes to its international legacy, is to decrease the quantity of weapons and nuclear waste in the world. This was first seen through the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) between Russia and the United States in 2010, which aimed to cut in half the amount of […]

U.S., Cuban Embassies Reopen

The United States and Cuba officially reestablished diplomatic relations this week with the official opening of each country’s embassies in Washington and Havana. The openings, marked by a ceremonial flag-raising at each location, represent the culmination of diplomatic work that was first announced in December 2014 by President Obama at the White House. Cuban Foreign Minister […]

Obama Comes in Strong with Foreign Policy in Final Presidential Debate

The third and final presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney dealt mainly with foreign policy, and experts agree that Obama’s experience while in office gave him the lead in this debate. “Like in past presidential debates, the foreign policy format benefits the incumbent President, and President Obama reminded the audience he was Commander-in-Chief,” […]

Senate Votes to Move Forward with Vote to Confirm Mari Carmen Aponte’s Nomination

The Senate today finally voted to end the debate on Mari Carmen Aponte’s nomination as ambassador to El Salvador. As previously reported on La Plaza, Aponte’s nomination has been awaiting confirmation since December 2011, when a Republican filibuster blocked the Senate’s ability to move forward to a vote. She has been serving as a recess […]

Urgent Action Needed: Mari Carmen Aponte’s Nomination Still Awaiting Confirmation

Democrats are expected to bring a vote to the Senate floor as early as Wednesday on the nomination of Mari Carmen Aponte as U.S. ambassador to El Salvador, and Senator Marco Rubio is feeling the pressure from leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to follow through on his pledge to rally Republican votes to finally […]

Urgent Action Needed: “GOP, don’t play politics with Obama’s ambassador confirmation”

Please call your Senators today and urge them to confirm Mari Carmen Aponte as Ambassador to El Salvador. The United States is on the verge of losing a fierce advocate for democracy in Latin America. Mari Carmen Aponte, ambassador to El Salvador, was initially nominated by President Obama in late 2009. He made her a […]