Friday, March 31, 2023

Media “Bias” And The GOP Economic Debate

The third Republican presidential debate live from Boulder, Colorado and moderated by CNBC was a mess. The GOP contenders repeatedly criticized questions they did not agree with or could not answer as liberal and biased, and to be fair, some of them were, but not to the extent that some on the debate stage, most […]

Pope Views and GOP Rhetoric Make Courting Latinos a Difficult Task

With Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump employing anti-immigrant rhetoric on the campaign trail, many elected Republicans at both the state and federal level who, in large part, owe their seats to Latino voters in Hispanic-heavy states, see next week’s visit by the most progressive Pope in a generation as a threat to the GOP’s […]

Trump Fumbles and Party Divisions Over Immigration, Foreign Policy In 2nd GOP Debate

Last night’s republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California exposed some rifts among the republican contenders for the 2016 nomination on immigration and foreign affairs, and saw Donald Trump fade slightly as the debate focused more on policy prescriptions rather than personality-centered questions and allowed candidates such as Carly […]

New Latino vote poll shows support for Obama, original DREAM Act

New Latino vote poll shows support for Obama, original DREAM Act As both the Democrats and the Republicans continue to court the Latino vote, President Barack Obama continues to have a comfortable lead among Hispanic voters, according to a new national poll released Friday that gave him a 43-point margin. The Latino Decisions survey of […]

DREAM Act Alternative Filed by Florida Republican

A Republican version of the DREAM Act was filed this week on the House floor by Florida Rep. David Rivera. Although the Congressman’s version of the bill would not grant citizenship, it would provide a temporary conditional status for undocumented students to pursue their careers. Rivera said he was inspired by the story of Daniela […]

NALEO Latino Political Convention Elevated by Latino Vote Impact

If ever there was a year when an annual Latino political convention could be pivotal, it is 2012. With so much focus on the projected Latino vote of 12 million plus in the presidential election, and conjecture on how they could supply the margin of victory in several key states – including Florida, Colorado and […]

Auctioning Work Permits: A Market-Based Approach to Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON — An immigration system that is complicated and filled with outdated policies needs fixing, the general consensus says; but there is still no consensus on how. “A patchwork of harsh laws in various states cannot result in anything resembling a coherent or effective immigration policy,” said Cecilia Muñoz, director of the Domestic Policy Council […]

Rubio Meets with Latino Democrats on Proposed Dream Act

Senator Marco Rubio met with Senator Robert Menendez, Representative Charles Gonzales and Representative Luis Gutierrez to discuss Rubio’s plan for a new proposed version of the Dream Act. Rubio’s version, unlike the version that Democrats have introduced in the Senate which would provide qualified young individuals with a clear path to permanent legal residency or […]

Rubio Immigration Stance Contradiction to his Past

The fact that he is a son of immigrants himself isn’t deterring Florida Senator Marco Rubio from taking a harsh stance on the issue of immigration. Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, said in a recent interview with the Spanish-language network Telemundo that he would vote against the DREAM Act, which was reintroduced in both […]